Why would I start this blog this way, I mean talking about Google ? Google says enough about Google, isn’t it ?!

Google products (there are a lot) are part of the core tools upon which I lead my activities

Renan Savidan Google Cloud Summit Paris 2017

It is not lying to say I am definitively a Google fanboy and as such I couldn’t miss the Paris GCP Summit 2017.

Below you cans see a few pictures of the event.

So what are my favorite Google tools ?


It could be a long list but let’s make is not so long :

  • Chrome : what else ?
  • G Suite (Inbox helps productivity)
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) of course : the DIY cloud !
  • Android OS : the Essential
  • Assistant is getting easier now
  • YouTube for instant music
  • Wear OS for my digital watch (Fit helps me to keep fit)
  • Trips is quite practical
  • Analytics tools

I can share with you this  Referral link or G Suite


Google Labs


I am trying to handle Magenta – it is cool for creative and arty experiments. Basically it is Machine learning based on TensorFlow.

If you are interested you can follow these links :

OpenSource Magenta

Magenta Tensorflow


Google for Nonprofits


I like Google does a lot for non profit in which I am interested into too.


Learning with Google

The company does a lot to make all these products and tools user friendly and easy to handle ; however, it is useful to train for better understanding.

In Paris Google provides sometimes full day trainings for the Cloud Platform and even delivers a certificate for all  attendees ; I was lucky enough to participate and got my own reward !

Savidan Google Cloud training attestation
Learn Google

I am learning everything about digital business with Learndigital Workshops

It offers numerous online courses to get new skills for the digital world / or to improve your skills.

For sure there are alternatives to Google.


For example cloud services AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a great platform too. Many companies rely on AWS for all kinds of digital tools.

Actually I build projects with AWS myself.

There are Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and others…

Considering all these major companies and the centralized power they hold we speak very often about the GAFAM / BATX Threat.

More concerned people try to develop some alternatives ; in France there is Framasoft  or Cozy and their Cloud for example.

It is a major issue of our time and all this may have negative consequences in the future, as regards individual freedoms…

We say in French  “Toute médaille a son revers” : “Every rose has its thorn”.