eLearning multisite platform conception

My client as a consultant teaches business strategy and coaches teams from big companies.


He now helps them to build their sustainable competitive advantage with the dedicated platform I have built : Strat’Lab.


The platform integrates all elements to achieve objectives: effective tools, personalized advice from specialists …


It was designed upon the Learnpress plugin and a WordPress multisite structure.
This concept allows full separation of all clients’ sub-website and ensure datas safety.

Easy deployment solution

I have made the administration of all sub-website the easiest possible from the back-office.
When a new client joins the online program a super-administrator (with all permissions over the multisite) creates a new easily personnalizable sub-site.
Then this sub-site becomes administrable by a basic administrator (full permission over the sub-site only).
The maintenance of the multisites network is centralized.
I decided to develop upon an eLearning plugin because it suited most of the needs :

  • Interaction between consultants and learners
  • Follow-up of the progress of the program
  • Role management for instructors, business managers …
  • Validation by tests/quizzes

Built upon LearnPress
LearnPress is a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) Plugin for WordPress.

Renan, showed great availability in the realization of our project despite the distance.
The understanding and the expertise are together and he has advised us to help us in our decision making.