Memberspace with private infos
for users

I was asked to replicate an existing website including the memberspace on a new server (full re-installation)
I developed a custom solution to request and display datas from external applications using dedicated APIs integrated in the new WordPress website.


The project implied the creation of custom fields from each user profiles: drop-down fields with search & auto-completion (created with Javascript and PHP)
My client and I collaborated to design the layout

Monitoring with APIs

The APIs services were needed for these softwares :

  • Zabbix Monitoring solution
  • PRTG Network Monitor‎
  • GLPI IT Asset Management

I developed the APIs handlers based on an Endpoint / Authentication / Requests / Response model (JSON – XML – SQL)
Custom fields from WordPress user profiles have been created to associate each logged-in user with the right datas ; meaning a user is only able to monitor his own IT assets, devices, networks..


Using PHP classes on the back-end and custom templates I created a page for each software, with datas coming from the corresponding API. On each page, depending on the monitoring tool the user can select the assets, devices, networks etc… he/she wants to monitor and then obtain a graph of the state of the chosen system.

Using APIs we have been able to bring the monitoring tools to each customer on a WordPress memberspace in a simple way


Renan has been very responsive and had a good understanding of our needs in a complex context.
He was also very involved and allowed our technical teams to better understand our problems around APIs

Mathilde Gerbier

Marketing Manager