Fully Customized

The project included the design and the configuration of a WooCommerce shop. We had to adapt the standard WooCommerce product types to our specific products (magazines, articles, downloadable or to ship…) and then work from grouped products type, products with variations, single products. We added a protection for downloadable products with passwords & watermarks.
Some products are subscription type products managed by the great WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin with recurrent payments : SEPA (Europe) and Stripe.
Many additional custom development solution had to be designed during the project :

  • The layout of WooCommerce products
  • Subscription billing with recalculation options (WordPress + AJAX)
  • Renewal of subscriptions based on the calendar year with AutomateWoo (another powerful WooCommerce plugin)
  • Payment methods depending on products types for checkout/registration
  • Detailled data export feature for users, subscribers …
  • Custom fields for WooCommerce registration process
  • File upload feature for registration/checkout
  • Various WooCommerce hooks to improve UX
  • New registrations queued automatically before manual validation (AutomateWoo customization)

Migration Process
Import it all

From their former system the challenge was to merge 2 different databases into 1 :

  • First one was a MySQL (no WordPress) with JSON encoding
  • Second one was a MongoDB one (NoSQL Database)

I had to retrieve all datas from members & subscribers from a the MongoDB database (with Mongo Atlas and Compass tools) and convert them to WordPress + WooCommerce + WooCommerce Subscriptions in order to import them through standard WordPress processes

I had to retrieve datas from the former website, articles, images … from a MySQL database and converti them to WordPress standard format. I directly injected the most of it into the WordPress MySQL database through queries.


Additional elements to migrate :

  • Calendar datas (events…) synchronized with Google GCP APIs
  • GPS map datas forward geo-coded with Google GCP APIs

Imported Posts & Pages


Users Imported


Subscriptions Transfered


Imported Products

The website has 50 pages, more than 700 articles, a hundred products, thousands of subscriptions, thousands of users – all of it had to be imported from their old system.

It was a great challenge to adapt their former subscriptions system (MongoDb & Ruby On Rails) on WordPress with WooSubscriptions ( with customizations).

Concepted with elementor pro - this powerful plugin provides many useful features and many tricks to design and build in a smarter way

Renan performed for us a mission made difficult by our great customization requirements. He knew, with the time spent in telephone meeting, to listen to our requirements and to implement them.
I recommend this developer.

Jacques Borgy

Secretary General of the National Union of Psychologists

WooCommerce Subscriptions Translation

I translated the plugin WooCommerce Subscriptions from English to French.
You can get in touch with me to get the translations files and the translation method.

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